Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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working down in jewelry at night when the teachers are gone home
i was using their torch to burn images in to this wood. i would paint back into the image
the burn it again, the trick is to find a fixative the works for long period of time. hair spray just isn't cutting it any more.......... lol

this is a work pile inside my studio. gonna have to fix them up for the show even though some of em might not make it as the curatorial duties belong to miss Poupeye.

this is the Great Pope Borgia before i massacred the image above you. in to a burnt heap.
i was actually pleased with results of the pic above but of course contentment with a work is a bad sign ( so i have been taught..@_@). this pope was a true embodiment of all that i hate with tis world he is right up there with pope Julius .

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