Monday, February 25, 2008

E.M.C Alternative fashion show 2008.

The Edna Manley college's textile department anually holds a fashion show with work done by students. The couture produced is rather experimental in terms of material used by students example card board.plastic bags ect. Have you ever watched that fashion reality show on Bravo well its sorta like that. The major difference is that there is no eliminations. Check out the girls and fashion ^_^.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

0o0 Critique Bluez

some ppl sleeping in front my work.hmmm
however here is breif look at my critigue
this the room we work nd exhibit in. at the end of the day iam
gonna have to paint this room. *sighs*
talking infront of an audience is a chore but
a must when doing critiques*hate talking about my work

christmas party

yoko having fun in his own way*see laptop*
dont stop untill u drop........ literally

our glorious bar
here is the outside
now the inside tah dah
Behold.. FEast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rojet and vitch dukeking it

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This was expriment with digital photography
the camera was 2.3 mega pixil dinosaur
but I worked it

Trivium-the 3 subjects taught in Medieval schools -Grammar,Rethoric and logic (dialect)
Logic is concerned with the thing as-it-is-known
Grammar is concerned with the thing-as-it-is-symbolized
Rhetoric is concerned with the thing-as-it-is-communicated

also see metal band from straight out of florida, orlando
Record Label: Roadrunner Records Label
Members: Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto, Travis Smith.

Self portraits

These are self portriats

that I had done on paper

using charcoal-wax-acrylic

You can click on em to enlarge for ur viewing pleasure

meats series

The meat series

These are some ideas I have been flirting with for works with meat.
This particular meat is chicken. I posed them to get shots that I wanted
The text are just words that came to me during the process of editing the pics
the words are meant to be juxtaposed to the image to confer meanings and thought.
the work is not meant be misogynic in nature. but to inspire ideas of representation
the work how ever became sunday dinner that day. :).... sorry animal rights activist