Thursday, November 27, 2008

Currently doing commission here is how IT'S going so far
I like the out come
bought a whole bunch a power tools for this one...giddy

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cool vid

Bleeding Heart by Gnarls Barkley

A really good video that ah ...captures the moment so intensely it can only be described as purely....welll visceral . Directed by Chris Milk...ennjoy==-====

looking glass by The Birthday Massacre

love the concept behind this well the lead singer is looking hot in a the sailor moon-esque uniform. yeah and the loosely pinned Lewis Carrollian infleunces still in taut

psychosocial by Slipknot

because i like this video and song and my blog.....damn u

A milli By Lil Wayne

my seconds,minutes,hours go to the all mighty dollar

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Year Exhibition @ Edna Manley

Well its here..again final year show at Edna Manley, that has become a curated show. it has been curated by Veerle Poupeye(research fellow). Instead of having each artist group togther in rooms based on their disipline, there was a mixing of various disiplines whose works relate to each other(besides graphics who still maintain their boths).For the most part Veerle has done an Excellent job at curating the ever my beef was with the marketing and promotion of the event.

Patasha and I were the frist to recive the award of exhibiting in the cage gallery where we got have a more proffesional display of our works. the links in our work are obiviou8s in that we both are pretty much odd balls(in agood way of course)in our departments. patasha who hails from visual communication decied to deal with the subject of the homless rather than do the mock up company that everyone else has done in vis com. our works speakl for themseleves(never saw that one comming did ya ..@__@)

As you have gathered by now my blogs tend to be image that is becuas I rather the images speak for themselves. pictures speak louder that words my friend.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new post

working down in jewelry at night when the teachers are gone home
i was using their torch to burn images in to this wood. i would paint back into the image
the burn it again, the trick is to find a fixative the works for long period of time. hair spray just isn't cutting it any more.......... lol

this is a work pile inside my studio. gonna have to fix them up for the show even though some of em might not make it as the curatorial duties belong to miss Poupeye.

this is the Great Pope Borgia before i massacred the image above you. in to a burnt heap.
i was actually pleased with results of the pic above but of course contentment with a work is a bad sign ( so i have been taught..@_@). this pope was a true embodiment of all that i hate with tis world he is right up there with pope Julius .

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Routes to roots festival Feb 08

The annual(ish) roots festival @ the Edna Manley college of the Visual and Performing arts was a surprising sucess. The place was packed. People were hobnobing. Art was being pimped yet again. now i could't stay for the show with Queen ifrica and Tony Rebel but here is how the fair went for me. Roll footage!!!!

Supersad doing ..supersad things

I just Love

Husband and wife Duo fighting crime one face @ a time

This Girl can be great one day

Funny ..illustrator tending the front desk of the painting both

Had fun drawing her Portrait..needs more hair though ...

P.R being ....well PR...doing pr things

Cecil Cooper aka Grey beard came from resting in mount doom
to co-ordinate the painting department in pottery... pots

Kadir "money god" martin

lawrence and xania pimpage........ lol

love seeing megan smile*breath taking* :D

ladies of jewelry enjoying some down time...lots of it :)

Random people doing... stuff.........

Monday, February 25, 2008

E.M.C Alternative fashion show 2008.

The Edna Manley college's textile department anually holds a fashion show with work done by students. The couture produced is rather experimental in terms of material used by students example card board.plastic bags ect. Have you ever watched that fashion reality show on Bravo well its sorta like that. The major difference is that there is no eliminations. Check out the girls and fashion ^_^.