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Bussiness of Art : mind set

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I am currently doing this little posting while  at work. I recently came across this post done By The ever enlightened Steve Barnes of (A really great blog personal development blog). In this post he  really illustrates the struggle that most artist have to contend with. They have to be true to that create side while at the same time placing food on the table.

It's hard to get out ideas to create your works if your worried about your day to day survival . I am sure that puts a huge strain on how the process of your work. The Art world isn't just made up of artist, but people  make your materials, provide you with a space to work and display, and lets not forget the patrons. These people benefit from your passion and also by you making money.  It s a full circle. Now I present Steve Barnes.

Balancing Roles

It has just been announced that DC Comics is planning a prequel to "The Watchmen", for my money the finest comic books ever written, a 12-part series that opened my eyes about the potential of the medium. There has been an outcry against the company from those who believe that the original artist's wishes are being disrespected. My sense is that Alan Moore sold the rights to the characters, it has been an entire generation (twenty-five years) since he wrote the original work, and that hey, I'd really like to see more adventures of these characters.

On my Facebook page, a controversy flared about the separation of business and art, some saying that a person can't be both an artist and a businessperson. I've simply known too many people--personally or historically, who have juggled both to believe that in the slightest.

An imprecise but useful analogy would be to compare the two states to the "child" and "adult" selves. The child is in touch with her feelings, knows what she wants, often feels like the center of the universe (balanced with moments when she feels totally powerless and meaningless.) That child has all food and shelter provided, and has never made a connection between action and results, or understood the nature and purpose of money. The adult self is more calculating, has had to make hard and painful decisions, often has cut off emotional flow in exchange for producing indirect results. The child does because it feels good in the moment, the adult "does" because of future benefits, or in reaction to past experience.

The child, alone, cannot survive. The adult, alone, is pretty much a zombie, moving through a grey existence without the "juice" of life. In truth, these two polarities overlap, but I hope you see the point that the two must cooperated to create a rounded human being.

Many artists live in that first category--they care about their feelings, their work, their writing or dancing or painting, and pretend not to care about money. Nonetheless, they rail against the immoral and barbaric editors/agents/publishing industry/etc.

The joke, which few of them ever get, is that if they start their own publishing firms or film companies, if they hire other artists, in time those artists will have the same complaints about them that they originally had about others.

The reverse, of course, is that the editors, agents, publishers and so forth who complain about "childish" artists and actors, if they themselves produce personal expression, will transform into the same self-centered emotional beings if they aren't very careful indeed.

I suspect that this war between polarities explains much of the dissatisfaction with politicians, bosses, spouses, genders, and much else--we are assuming corruption or dysfunction when what we really have is a lack of understanding of the roles each side is playing in the matter.

We must be both artists and businesspeople. To balance between them is the only way to both find deep self-expression AND control the rewards we receive from our labor. If we cannot connect with the artist, we must hire artists to entertain us. If we cannot connect with the business-person, we must hire, or be in the employ, of those who WILL assume that position. That works fine. But if we aren't aware of the "war" between male and female, child and adult, artist and businessman, politician and citizenry, it becomes easy to mistake the role for the individual, and forget that we ourselves agreed to participate in the dance.

Only one who grasps that dichotomy can step back and determine when an opposite number is actually corrupt, or merely fulfilling their role in the drama.

Balance, again, is key.
Steve Barnes

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The only thing constant :
( word to Octavia Butler )

Is change. it must be embraced and worked with like clay in the potters hands.
He who can turn Mud into a jar has understood a fundamental law of nature.
Enjoy thanksgiving
Art of LΩve

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another river to cross

Hello my Blog,

Sad news, you wont be seeing me for a while. Seems that some enterprising sentient beingshave took it upon themselves to break into my mother's car, taking what they could including my laptop.

 I am currently raising funds to get this radical piece of firepower :
ASUS G74SX-XA1 Republic of Gamers 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop

The plastic-mallet blog will be acquiring this beast of a machine as an act of aggression against all those who attempt to shut us down.  In the following months prepare some radical overhauls with this blog. 
I will update you periodically on how the raising funds is going. 

Till then
 Art of LΩve

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Movement x Downtown

The grand master sage at work,

Hello Blog,

Whats good with the world. Been a while but daddy had to make the mula and save the world. That said I had another exhibition and also a world class education on managing an exhibition. I tell ya the administration job and dealing with a job at the s
ame time was real taxing. But I learned a valuable lesson on in extreme time management or as Earle nightingale would say .. activities management as no one can really manage
time, time is.

In weird way some of Veerle's Class on curating started to make sense especially about the art world being an interconnected macrocosim of artist, curator patron, collector, sponsors
..ect. I say this because it the show was not financed by any sponsors, was not curated by any well known person. From the ground up it was nurtured by three individuals two artist and an art teacher/Gallery owner who provided the space in Downtown, Kingston. While not totally a cohesive body (I had a j.o.b ) It took flight.

The biggest shout out for Manifesto Jamaica for getting on board with us and assiting with nuturing this exhibition.

Andwele and Gallery owner, Rozi Chung opening the show

So.....we had decent turn out :)

Manifesto Jamaica in full effect.

At studio 174 the works touch some people that they just got to ..touch back..LoL

Safa hailing the King (selassi)

Wish I could give you more detail on this painting Augustus is a talented dude
and if he keeps this up he gonna blow up. A person to watch.. wish you could see this detail.. in Jamaica by the June 1-16, you just gonna take you a** down flyer above.

Loving how Kadez's Lion looks in this pic.. wish we had dozen of these..
Goregeous work it is. look better in person.

An Abebe Payne painting.....Epic

Universal Door way An installation I did

land we Love-Mural by Andwele Haughton
Aim fingers not triggers at Wezzy F.

Ok the exhibition done...go home now and sleeeeeeeeeeepzzzz

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesdays and Saturdays..I make progress

Hey.... another kiddy pic and a bit of process to it (well sorta kinda) ...

The portraits of the kids faces seems to continuing .. I am just allowing the work to flesh it self out. I dont have a cohesive idea about the work or what form it will take..
currently experimenting with new finishes and varnishes.. would be nice t get some thing like liquid plastic that dries hard and transparent raw acrylic is nice for fixing stuff but i needs a polymer or some thing.I am going towards a combination of different surfaces, textures and playing with shinny versus matte. varnish seems ok so far but turn brown after a while which is good but i takes too long to get that the slick semi brown transparency.
I try to work that out by the next post and hope fully by then will incorporate more media. (progressing tentatively aren't I:D )


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to year before 2012

Welcome to the year before 2012. That's right hold on to your knickers kids cause this will be quite a year. The quality of the year depends upon you and how you deal with life and it's challenges. The best way is to go forth in faith and much backbone. A lot of people get stuck doing same thing every year and they usually get miserable because life has not "granted" them a lucky break ...tuff titty. Pursue your passion, get paid and make your life the way you want it.

BUT enough with the philo-banter is ART

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Through the random

Here is just a some of what been happening art wise. I searching that elusive some thing ..I can here it but i need to see it.. Well it call for investigating it seems. pics of studio and work ..munch