Thursday, March 6, 2008

Routes to roots festival Feb 08

The annual(ish) roots festival @ the Edna Manley college of the Visual and Performing arts was a surprising sucess. The place was packed. People were hobnobing. Art was being pimped yet again. now i could't stay for the show with Queen ifrica and Tony Rebel but here is how the fair went for me. Roll footage!!!!

Supersad doing ..supersad things

I just Love

Husband and wife Duo fighting crime one face @ a time

This Girl can be great one day

Funny ..illustrator tending the front desk of the painting both

Had fun drawing her Portrait..needs more hair though ...

P.R being ....well PR...doing pr things

Cecil Cooper aka Grey beard came from resting in mount doom
to co-ordinate the painting department in pottery... pots

Kadir "money god" martin

lawrence and xania pimpage........ lol

love seeing megan smile*breath taking* :D

ladies of jewelry enjoying some down time...lots of it :)

Random people doing... stuff.........

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Camille Chedda said...

Clearly, this years show was better organised than previous Roots Fest's with its nice clean booths, lovely weather, and PEOPLE. I suppose it was marketed better thanks to better Marketing strats. Grey Beard is...... nice pictures!