Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Year Exhibition @ Edna Manley

Well its here..again final year show at Edna Manley, that has become a curated show. it has been curated by Veerle Poupeye(research fellow). Instead of having each artist group togther in rooms based on their disipline, there was a mixing of various disiplines whose works relate to each other(besides graphics who still maintain their boths).For the most part Veerle has done an Excellent job at curating the ever my beef was with the marketing and promotion of the event.

Patasha and I were the frist to recive the award of exhibiting in the cage gallery where we got have a more proffesional display of our works. the links in our work are obiviou8s in that we both are pretty much odd balls(in agood way of course)in our departments. patasha who hails from visual communication decied to deal with the subject of the homless rather than do the mock up company that everyone else has done in vis com. our works speakl for themseleves(never saw that one comming did ya ..@__@)

As you have gathered by now my blogs tend to be image that is becuas I rather the images speak for themselves. pictures speak louder that words my friend.

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