Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesdays and Saturdays..I make progress

Hey.... another kiddy pic and a bit of process to it (well sorta kinda) ...

The portraits of the kids faces seems to continuing .. I am just allowing the work to flesh it self out. I dont have a cohesive idea about the work or what form it will take..
currently experimenting with new finishes and varnishes.. would be nice t get some thing like liquid plastic that dries hard and transparent raw acrylic is nice for fixing stuff but i needs a polymer or some thing.I am going towards a combination of different surfaces, textures and playing with shinny versus matte. varnish seems ok so far but turn brown after a while which is good but i takes too long to get that the slick semi brown transparency.
I try to work that out by the next post and hope fully by then will incorporate more media. (progressing tentatively aren't I:D )


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