Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Randomness

Hey Blog

I haven't been here too often since the start of the year or rather the start of my job. I want to talk about jobs and your art career for a hot minute. I am currently work'n in a call center for large online store...hmm... I know what your thinking.EWHH!! and I agree. However I had bought into the lazy notion that has infected many people in my country(and it seems that artist are not immune). We have bought into the idea of the 9-5.

There is nothing wrong with having a 9-5 job, in fact it's a million times better than being unemployed especially in this economic climate. If you are been employed in a field that uses your passion and talents , then that's even better! However when it takes one off course from your "dreams" and prevents you from finding the time or the energy to make any progress in that which you really love then its like slowly drinking bleach over a period of time. It becomes a drain on your enthusiasm for life. At the company where I work, I can see this happening not just me but other creative individuals seem to be washing daily on the shores of this purgatory. In addition to a dream killing job, have to deal with pay cuts and discrepancies with your money on a regular basis, sometimes some nasty RETARDED customers and potential of being fired for no reason. I technically work in a musical chairs environment. But I am stil there for now.. In this economic wasteland there are very few oasis out there and in time of uncertainty, have a steady stream of income is a matter of survival

But wish for a better form of existence in fact, I am willing to work and scheme towards it. Comfort I refuse. This job thrives on our comfort, it knows we have few places to go, very few safe harbours, for the seas are turbulent and rough But I refuse comfort with this phrase,,MFA OR BUST!!!.

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