Monday, September 14, 2009

under 4o at mutual gallery work pics

well i am back ladies and gents i bet you thought i was dead but surprise i aint the blog goes on and so does the journey. i wont stop even if i amstopped..word. here is some hi-lites from the wonderful evolving  world of my life. enter in g the under forty was a risk especially since i had NOOO!!! budget. it took several days in not months of stealing work space and living on the edge of poverty to these works.. but i am just glad its over(needs a job..perferably one that uses my artistic side). yeah marketing my self as an artist is a bit of an art in it self . it's part sodomy and part managerial skills combined. i would rather tackle the managerial side with some degree of ass kissing @__@. the show was ok wish we had better advertising but it was good. i managed to do all that i is a teaser before i installed the background

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