Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paper or plastic

Welcome (con)sumers

This is the blog of the my little niche on the web(we all go to have one). I am a "self "styled visual artist who currently working and living in jamaica. I mostly major in painting but i do have intrests in popular culture and alternative culture(if such a phrase exist)which means u can expect to see stuff on fine art, anime,intresting images,and a wide vareity of music. this my blog i will speak my mind(be warned from now)

the purpose of this blog is to expose anyone who wishes to care about issues affecting me and discussing of what ever topic that comes across my narrow mind. i will be posting my little musings on life, love, art, politics(eck!!). some times they overlap ya.
I will post pics of major pieces that i have in progress(because i am all about process @_o). content will be up

shortly please make urselves at home

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